Surf: Search & Discovery

Sorry I haven’t blogged for a while. I have been very busy. But anyways…. The other day I stumbled across a very interesting search engine called Surf (Search and Discovery). It was very smooth and fast, with resemblance to Google. On Surf’s search bar it said “google” on it, which intrigued me. Is this just a fake search engine masking Google’s real search engine?? I read further on Strattica’s website about the development of Surf and discovered that it was actually quite different than Google.


The logo for Surf: Search and Discovery

Strattica Surf uses the Google index but has a more simplified search script, removing excess code and resulting in a more streamlined and quicker search engine. From this day onward I have become a big fan of Surf and use it almost every day. I encourage all of you readers to do so too! Its so fast!!  ;D

Try it out now!


One Response to Surf: Search & Discovery

  1. Salliandra says:

    I tried out Surf and saw that the site includes a review quote by Appledyl. That’s you, isn’t it? Then why are you pretending to have just discovered it?

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